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We provide you with the marketing messages you need to bring your callers’ on hold experience to life!

  • Eloquently written messages
  • Professionally recorded voice overs
  • Uniquely entertaining music
  • Superb sounding audio

Hold on… on hold what?

Every organisation puts callers on hold from time to time. Every time you place a caller on hold, you’re creating an opportunity to market your business!

So what?

Why make them listen to boring music, background noise, terrible radio or silence, when you could be promoting yourself to a target audience?

Our Promise… We Pinky Swear

Africa On Hold does it all for you: we’ll write, record, mix and produce your personalised, creative on hold production!


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About Us

Africa On Hold is a family-owned and operated, innovative audio marketing company.

Our team consists of marketing professionals and on hold experts! We’re never happier than when we’re writing witty copy, mixing professional audio productions and wowing our customers with on hold messages they can wow their callers with in turn!

  • Total callers placed on hold 74%
  • Percentage of callers hanging up within 90 seconds when not listening to on hold messages 90%
The average executive spends 60 hours a year on hold

Some trivia you may like to know:

  • Amount of marketing budgets spent on getting customers to call 90%
  • Percentage of budget spent on retaining those callers 10%
On hold messages keep callers on the phone for up to three times as long
  • How many businesses have personalised on hold messages? 2%
  • Percentage of callers who prefer listening to on hold messages 85%
  • Increase in likelihood of callers making a purchase straight after listening to messages on hold 25%
  • Proportion of callers who feel more valued when listening to a customised on hold production 60%

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p: +27 11 466 0446

m: +27 66 383 3481